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Aime is a flared serif that combines both calligraphic and inscriptional influences, resulting in a typeface that is warm and approachable, yet crisp and modern.

The typeface owes some inspiration to Bram Le Does’ Lexicon in it’s oblique stress and sharp yet organic stroke endings, although Aime is far from a revival as it features a contemporary symmetry, clean straight lines and omits conventional serifs in favour of reductionist flared serifs. These features make the typeface most suitable for display applications, although it remains functional at smaller optical sizes due to it’s large x-height and moderate contrast.

The italic also shows calligraphic influences and a reductionist approach to the serifs however in contrast to the roman these take an angular almost-glyphic form with a moderate incline as seen in some contemporary Dutch Old Style typefaces.

The capitals have the proportions of narrow classical Roman inscriptions which allows the typeface to perform well as a titling typeface in all caps or upper and lowercase.

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