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A startup working to redefine the meaning of aging through ground-breaking products. For far too long, the incontinence category has made women feel ashamed and alienated; Aubrey Hubbell and Steven Cruz saught to fight this head-on by starting Hazel; a personal care company working to redefine the meaning of aging.

No two bodies are the same, no two women are the same, and people should be comfortable in their skin. The Hazel symbol spreads the love of individual power, beauty, and strength. Its structure is an expressive and abstracted ‘H’ mark that will stand with the mission of Hazel for decades to come.

Taking inspiration from the symbol, Studio Mast developed a flexible pattern to be used throughout the buildout of the brand. The pattern system consists of three individual shapes that can be used independently, in groups, in a repeating pattern, or abstracted—creating an extremely flexible pattern system to be used in many ways while preserving the essence of the brand.