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Studio Najbrt is a leading Czech graphic design studio. It was founded in 1994 creating identities, publications, posters, books, exhibitions or websites, and apps for domestic as well as international clients.

Q: What’s behind the studio name Studio Najbrt?

A: Nothing complicated as it might seem at first glance. The studio was founded in 1994 by Aleš Najbrt, a graphic designer who also gave the name to the entire graphic design studio which currently consists of a total of 15 people of different specializations. 

Q: What are your favorite parts of the design process? 

A: At the beginning of every project, when various possible solutions open up, we gradually consult, discuss and further develop together with our colleagues until we are sure that our solution meets the brief and exceeds expectations. We try to approach each project individually so the process is always a little bit different, which makes it fun!

Q: And what are your least favorite parts?

A: Probably nothing specific, every stage of the project, even the less fun ones, is part of the process. So even if you don’t particularly enjoy it, it needs to be done. However, each of them can get very ugly very quickly if too many people start having a say in the process, for example, especially in the implementation.

Q: Where does the team go for inspiration, inside and outside of design?

A: We are of course trying to be up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry, but we also have a shared library of books, where you can find many great examples from the past, especially in the field of typography. We are also fortunate enough to have a very varied range of clients who show us new things from their industries we haven’t seen before, which is very interesting. But most importantly, we try to look around the world and soak as much as possible.

Q: If you could recommend something to our audience what would that be?

A: Always think about the concept first and design later. Don’t be afraid to try new things and approach problems with a calm head. And most importantly, sometimes you have to give ideas time.


Along with a generational change that has moved streetwear into the main language of fashion, Footshop is growing from a domestic destination for sneakerheads to a head-to-toe brand for fashion victims, with an e-shop and brick-and-mortar stores in many parts of Europe. That’s why we devised an open system that retains its roots in the street, in graffiti, rap, skate and sneaker cultures, but is elevating Footshop to a more premium sector. It was essential that the new brand worked in the digital sphere and as well as embossed in leather, and that it could be developed into a lively a visual style, used for example for increasingly interesting collaborations with global brands. The basic question was: What would Kanye do? He would do it himself and on the phone. With pen on a napkin. Fork on TV screen. Vetements scarf soaked in cough syrup – no doubt about that. He does not lack confidence. He would underline the spontaneity that the current digital immediacy places above perfection. Street smart audacity, with which you can strike through, tag narcissistically, but also create something new with a healthy dose of certain infantile optimism. Partly of your own – we are all used to customizing and algorithmically served personal playlists by now. However, an infinite number of logo lines ultimately find its foothold in the disciplined stability of the Foot Medium custom font. In the Foot Carbanica version, pre-made lines are easily applied in any document. But you should always be free to take a marker in hand and show us some fancy footwork.

Client: Footshop
Art director: Aleš Najbrt, Michal Nanoru
Designer: Michael Dolejš, Marek Pistora
Cooperation: Jakub Spurný (technical cooperation)
Font: Custom
Type: Brand