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Vincent Schwenk is an art director and 3D artist based in Hamburg, Germany. He has worked with clients like Spotify, Microsoft and Tylko. As he says himself – his style is best described as futuristic, candy-colored blobs and glossy shapes.

While creating exquisite 3D experiments daily, Vincent has also created the platform VSK.WORLD, with a focus on learning, sharing, and providing useful design assets to other artists. He also collaborates with art director & 3D artist Vitaly Grossmann under the name of, through which they create beautiful experiments and client projects.

Vincent started out as a photographer. Back in the days he wanted to be able to document the skateboard and snowboard skills of himself and his friends. From this starting point, everything developed over the last 15 years to where he is now.

Vincent has created some extremely useful 3D assets and texture packs which are also available on Supply.Family.