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A LINE is a global brand strategy consultancy & digital design studio.  Building innovative and forward-thinking brands in the range of startups to multinationals.

Q: Describe your studio

A LINE is a brand strategy consultancy & design studio based out of San Franciso and London. Our focus is on partnering with bold, future-facing businesses to build brands that transform categories and drive growth. 

We’ve worked with clients ranging from early stage start-ups (such as Rolfsen; a family-owned Norwegian Bakery chain) to multinationals like Google, Meta and Apple, but I think our sweet-spot is ambitious growth-stage companies, where a differentiated, high-impact brand can make a huge difference to their business. 

The other thing to note is our commitment to building a fully-flexible, remote-first work environment for our team. We passionately believe that talent exists everywhere, and we feel this approach provides the inclusivity and autonomy needed to create the highest quality work.

Q: What are your favorite parts of the design process?

Letting the idea dictate the design. Uncovering what a company stands for and what makes them unique, then, crafting an idea that captures this in an inspiring and ownable way. Also, finding a practical solution that works hard but is also unique and fresh. That’s a really enjoyable challenge for us. The combination of strategy and design is at the core of everything we do, and our teams really excel when challenged with bringing these ideas to life across design, messaging, and brand experience. 

Q: And what are your least favorite parts?

We honestly don’t have any least favorite parts of the design process.

Q: Where does the team go for inspiration, inside and outside of design?

Music, Art, Technology, Typography, Business, Literature & Language, Culture, Travel, Fashion, Photography, Architecture. The world is an amazing place! 

Q: If you could recommend something to our audience what would that be?

Don’t worry about what other design agencies or designers are doing. Just find and follow what feels unique to you, and do it with passion and persistence. 

Q: Following content is a mix of projects you’ve created. Describe the overall mix and why you think they represent your studio

We take a completely agnostic perspective to our work, throwing away all preconceptions and avoiding any category conventions. The goal is always work that supports our clients ambitions to disrupt their industry and stand out in their category. Once we uncover the core idea that supports the strategy and dictates the design, we think in a very digital-first way about how this comes to life, taking a systematic approach to creating the applications and experiences that best support the brand and business. We hope that our work ultimately reflects each of the unique businesses we work with rather than a house design style.