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TØ—Labs™ is a creative state of mind represented by Tommy Øberg—a Swedish design director with an exceptional eye for detail. Over the last fifteen years, he has developed visual identities, design concepts, and brand design systems for Swedish and International brands.

With the straightforward philosophy “Precision and Passion.” Creating design that appeals to both mind and heart through a core method of grid-based essential design where structured typography and hierarchy contrasts are vital elements.

TØ–Labs™ is one of his private projects; this one focuses on elaborate glyphs and typography. To this point, he has created two grid-based monospaced fonts, which have received great feedback; featured on Behance, among others.

PX82—Mono™ Inspired by brutalist concrete shapes. 45° and 90° angles in a strict play with each other. A raw and heavy black display font made to create a significant impact.

TX—A™ A monospaced display font inspired by Japanese letters—featuring a combination of sharp edges and satisfying smooth curves.