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Founded in 2016, Peddlers is a Premium Shanghai Gin inspired by the city’s street culture. Our secret is a carefully curated fusion of botanicals and ideas from the West and the Far East. Balanced notes of Buddha’s hand and Sichuan pepper complement traditional botanicals for a unique yet perfectly blended gin. Handcrafted in China for the discerning, adventurous drinker. 

Based in Shanghai, Peddlers is China’s fastest growing premium gin and currently exports to over ten countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, and will be available in the U.K. and Europe in the coming weeks. 

Industry publication Spirits Beacon recently picked Peddlers among a range of up-and-coming international brands as “the next global gin superstar.” We’ve also been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Dieline, The Brand Identity, Creative Boom and others.

Q: We would love to hear about some projects that you are extra proud of.

We released our new custom bottle in 2020. In what was a challenging year for the bar and hospitality industry in China in the wake of COVID, we wanted to do something unexpected and uplifting for the community that helped us grow as the country’s first gin.

To launch the new bottle, we sent hundreds of bartenders and influencers a branded antique key in a wax sealed envelope, with no other explanation.

A week later, we released a limited-edition Peddlers mahjong box, complete with an antique Chinese lock, custom mahjong pieces, and the new bottle smuggled inside in a secret compartment. The secret compartment could only be opened when completing a game of Peddlers Mahjong, by placing the right mahjong tile in the right place on the board, finally revealing the new bottle via a trap door with a hidden magnet inside. We partnered with OMSE and Think Packaging to design and conceptualise the box.

We also recently released our range of premium pre-mixed cocktails together with Shanghai craft soda company PAO in a unique champagne bottle format.

The campaign won a wood pencil at the D&AD Awards and Gold at the Best Design awards.

Q: Explain your creative process of creating new visuals, products etc. 

We’ve always been positioned as a more adventurous gin for more adventurous drinkers. This guides everything we do from a product development perspective. From our core Rare Shanghai Gin, to our Barrel Aged Gin, Salted Plum Gin and our pre-mixed cocktail range – we focus on distinctive flavour-forward products that bring something new to the category. 

Once we’ve tested, validated and positioned the product, we move to the design phase. Design has always been critical to our process – ensuring the look and feel of the brand matches the quality of our products, and using things like our bold custom typeface (created with OMSE and Family Type), illustrations and colour palette to stand out on the shelf and online. We often partner with OMSE for product-related design tasks, who respond with different creative routes and processes according to the brief. When creating new visuals we often work with our in-house designer based in Shanghai.

We’re also lucky to have talented photographer and videographer Graeme Kennedy as part of our team who shoots all of our campaigns and brings the brand to life across our social and digital platforms. Through his stories and travels, Graeme also helps us shed light on modern China and you can follow what he’s up to here.

Q: Where does the team go for inspiration, inside and outside of design

Shanghai’s vibrant history, culture and creativity are a constant source of inspiration. Travel, adventure, and trying new foods also keeps us inspired to experiment when it comes to new products. 

Q: What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year? 

We have some exciting new products and collaborations in the pipeline and we’ve just signed on with distributor Drinksology who will be helping to grow our presence in Europe this year.

Q: If you could recommend something to our audience, what would that be:

Drink adventurously. Eat Sichuan noodles. Oh, and keep in touch with what we’re up to over at our instagram and at