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DesignPractice™, a design consultancy led by Julien Van Havere, founder of SearchSystem™ (and TypeFoundry™), has collaborated with Studio Family to bring out some of the most advanced poster mockups out there.

The PosterSystem™ collection comes as either 4 separate mockups or a single PosterSystem™ PSD containing all variations in one. The product comes with 4 different color-customizable stands and 6 different paper materials allowing your poster to look like plastic, a metal sheet or crumbled paper, allowing you to make unlimited variations.

To celebrate the launch, DesignPractice™ and Studio Family invited 3 talented designers – Peter Korsman, Nigel Cottier and Saad Kurshid – to have some fun with the PosterSystem™.

Cover design by Peter Korsman aka Autograph.

Designed by Saad Kurshid

Designed by Nigel Cottier