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Process is an independent speciality coffee roaster in Belfast founded by Ben Hamilton. After working in various coffee shops at different levels, Ben wanted to carve out new space in the industry where he could blend his passion for coffee and skateboarding.

Memorable VHS touchpoints are used in new ways throughout the packaging design. The Pragmatica typeface provides that simple, default feel while supporting the broader vibrant expression. Playful icons and smiley face marks replace what would typically be a Kodak or Fuji on logo VHS tapes. And labels that would usually identify ‘Jeffersons Christmas 94’ are now used for the coffee region and varietal info. Every tape design reference is used in a new way to express the brand vibe or functionally provide product information.

A spectrum of energizing colors creates an identity for every box of coffee. Stepped gradients through the cheerful hues provide variety across 3-4 different colorways, helping them stand out on shop shelves. The colour palette is then used as a distinguishing tool in the label design system.